Halloween Thrift Store Finds

We stopped in at the Goodwill at Maysville Plaza as we were up that was and I spotted these Halloween goodies.

I like the glass on the right so much I bought it for $1.99+tax, but right after paying for it was trying to get my purse situation and the sack swung slightly into the cart and I heard the tink of breaking glass.  I went side and unwrapped the newspaper slightly and it was broke at the top in a few pieces.   If it had just been a crack or even one piece, I could have glued it and used it to hold items but as it was several pieces, there was no saving it and I ended up pitching it in a nearby trash can.

It was a reminder of why I usually just buy plastic glasses.




One thought on “Halloween Thrift Store Finds

  1. She bought it , put it in the cart, went to the door and broke I while just taking it out of the cart. Went outside and tossed it in the trash can right outside the door. Very sad 😔


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