Double Round-A-Bout and Power Outage

There is a double round-a-bout after East Coliseum turns into Pontiac then Pontiac turns into Wayne Trace.   Confusing; for sure.   It is my least favorite street to travel on and I only go there as it is the most direct route if I pick up a pizza a Domino’s on Coliseum and head to Marv, or to go to New Haven.   As Marv was not feeling well, we were going to do a movie in at his house.

Above is heading South on Pontiac and to continue South you have to enter the circle on the right, go halfway around and then you go under a train trellis (picture below).  From there you enter the circle at the bottom going right and exit in the half circle to the left.  I think a simple 4 way stop would be so much less confusing.

Once I got around the corner and went passed a gas station on the right, I saw it was dark and no one was there, which I thought off for being only 8:30PM.  When I went passed a small strip mall on my left and saw everything there, including the gas station across the street was dark, I knew the power had gone out and when I got to Marv’s he said it just had gone out.  In the website on my phone we found out it would anticipated it would be until at 1:30AM for the power would be back on.

We packed up and went back up North and ended up watching stuff on Netflix until the power came back on.



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