Photobombed “Death Wish”

After I went to the video store yesterday, I snapped a pic of my DVD rental selection of “Death Wish” starring Bruce Willis that Kyle recommended.  As you can see on the right, my perfectly placed DVD precariously balanced on my steering wheel has been photobombed by one of the guys that works at the Little Caesar’s next door.

I decided to snap a pic of the free popcorn (to get the free bag of Popz popcorn I had texted JOIN to 66822) but this time it was a double photo bomb by the same guy and he was joined by the gal from the video store on a smoke break.   I had to do a double take as I am not used to seeing the universal pose for “Oh girl, Please!” pose on such a manly looking man before.  I saw this pose the entire time I was in Jr. High by mean girls in relation to my choice to wear bright red faux red leather flats with every outfit, so I know it well.

The movie is based on the concept from the popular 70’s “Death Wish” movies where Charles Bronson portrayed the mild-mannered family man who turned vigilante killer after his wife and daughter were killed.  While Willis portrayed the family man turned vigilante after the same fate happened upon him, but you don’t get the unsuspecting turn of an eye for an eye whereas was more of a man that turned the other cheek when he had a family.

Willis, Mr. “Yippie Ki Yay”, was pretty close to that same character and the only element of surprise is not if, it is only when he is going to seek vengeance, but he always brings an element of humor and lightness to all of his roles and that “cool guy” element comes through in this movie as well.   It is a watchable action flick, but not one I would buy or want to watch a second time.  Not every Bruce Willis movie and be a “Die Hard” or “The Sixth Sense” or “Unbreakable”.


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