“The Meg” at Northwood Cinema Grill

This is the latest Jason Statham action/drama vehicle with a different twist as his nemesis is not Jet Li, Russian Mafia, a foreign military enemy or even you garden variety drug dealer or other low-life; it is a prehistoric Shark.

“Meg” is short for “Megalodon” which is a prehistoric shark that has been extinct for millions of years, but in this movie one that lives in the deepest depths of the ocean escapes a natural barrier that was disrupted by exploration.

There were some cool special effects, but the storyline a little too cliche and felt like a mashup of other movies.   On the shark, I think they made the same mistake “Jaws” did in showing the shark to exposed out of the water.  The CGI shark looked much bigger and more realistic in the water than it is out of it.  In movies like this I think it is best to give us glimpses, just enough so our imaginations can fill in the rest,

Even with its flaws, with the popularity of “Shark Week” and Jason Statham action film junkies (guilty as charged) there is a large market for this movie.

Despite it flaws, it is certainly superior to the preposterous “Sharknado” movies that I could not quite finish watching

Also despite its flaws, I think this is one of those movies that is probably watched best on the big screen and will probably lose something in its translation to video.

For Marv the bigger horror was the cost we paid for the evening out, as we usually either do a dinner (under $15) or a movie ($5.75-$7.75 for a matinee) with nothing from the concession stand, not both (except for Christmas).

At $9 each for the tickets and around $16 each for dinner, which consisted of us each having a burger, fries and a soda and popcorn that we split+ tip, the total as a little over $50 total, or $25 each, which actually is cheaper than getting a bucket of popcorn and drinks at most movies so it is a bargain.

Although it is not a movie I want to buy on DVD, it is hard to put a price on seeing a giant shark and Jason Statham in the same movie and have dinner, soda and a snack all at the same time.


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