Happy 60th Birthday to IHOP, Happy Birthday Beth and Texting Misadventure

Today was IHOP’s 60th “Birthday” and they had 60 cents short stacks to celebrate, so the above yummy goodness was a mere 60 cents,

Today was also my friend Beth’s birthday and I texted her Happy Birthday as well.  I later went to text Marv and asked his heard from the boy and that “My Name Is Earl” is now on Hulu.  I then realized I had accidently texted Beth that message and texted her again to let her know.   She said it was a little perplexing until I explained what I had done.  I said I had done it before and accidently texted Kyle when I was talking about Kyle and said “Ha, Ha, you are texting me what you meant to send to Dad”.   As I told him, it was nothing I would not (or had already said( to him and that is a good rule of thumb to keep in mind if you are texting – don’t say anything about a person behind their back that you wouldn’t say to their face.


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