Don Chava’s

We debated on going out to eat at several different places, but compromised deciding to dine at Don Chava’s on Wells Street as we like the flavors of their complementary chips and salsa and the prices are reasonable for what you get.

In the first two pics the first is Marv playing solitaire on his phone, which I told him the same thing I used to tell Kyle as you should shut off electronic devices at the dinner table.  The next two are  out of chronological order as it is at the end after we had gotten to-go boxes, but in the background noticed a ginormous beverage.  When I zoomed in it appeared to be a pitcher full of dark beer disguised as a mug.  I thought that the skinny fella drinking it would probably have to be carried out after drinking it, but we were not around long enough to find out.   I mentioned it looked like not only did the mug level look like “I may need a ride home” but pushed the envelope to “I don’t think I can make it to work on Monday” extreme, but Marv only grunted and went back to his game of Solitaire.

The one on the center far right is on the menu where beginning in August, they will be closed on Sundays to allow their employees to spend time with their families and alluded to it being to allow them to attend worship services by inserting a bible verse.

The lower row is a pic of their Strawberry Cheesecake that I got for dessert and waiter felt the need to correct me that it was cheesecake when I referred to it a pie.  It looked like purchased higher end cheesecake (pie, as it had a graham cracker crust and don’t know of any “cake” that does) with added strawberries and whipped cream.  It was good, and I guess that was what was important.

The last picture is the helicopter that was giving rides as we were dining during was 3 River’s Festival  and for many years they had offered Helicopter rides; the last cost I new about in 2002 being $10, but sure it was higher now.  I only know that as I signed Kyle and I up for “Chalk Walk” in 2002, which is where artists or creative people could sign up for a 12×12 foot square to decorate anyway they would like and my plan was to create a map of the US.  I had spent a lot of time creating templates of the states and planned on writing  “God Bless the USA” so Kyle, who was around 9 years old at the time, could help me outline and color in the states.   That plan went sideways quickly when he was more interested in chasing around the helicopter that was going in circles overhead and he just wanted to draw stuff.

I ended up doing the outline of all of the states in the top larger section and cordoned off a section below for him to draw whatever he wanted to.    He drew things like a cross, K-Mart, and my ex-fiancee drinking a Diet Mountain Dew that made him look rather Asian, McDonalds, a Cross and an American flag, in between running around and chasing the helicopter flying overhead on the ground.




  1. my shirt could not be more perfect for this room. It matches with the glasses and the walls. I never realized this till I saw this image. I really dislike how my neck looks—- like a turkey


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