Cookout at Brittney’s

Yesterday we went to a cookout at my son’s lady friend’s house for a cookout and got to meet some of his friends that we had heard him talk about.  Some were harder to place as he introduced them with their given name and did not get who they were until their nickname was said like “Snoop Dog” (because he really did sort of look like the rapper, Snoop Dog), “Shuge” or  “Crash”  The only one without a nickname was Phil; just Phil.  I pondered what my son’s nickname from them; I decided that I was probably better off not knowing, so I didn’t ask.

As Marv and I were the only parental units there, we were corralled in the living room with Brittney’s daughter,DeAnna. She is a very bright kid that skipped a grade.  She showed me an animation she created on her phone that she had added a song to that had gotten over a 1,000 likes.  I relayed that the new technology was amazing that you could create something like that on a phone and that when I was in high school the only animation I created was on a Commodore 64 where we programmed a virtual ship to “sail” from one side of the screen to another by manually putting in code to represent the sailboat and then manually writing a command to make the virtual ship to move 2 spaces to the right every second,   She looked at me like I had landed from Mars and returned to her phone,

The younger children at the kitchen table and the friends were outside on the patio with Britney and Kyle cooking the burgers and hot dogs.  One of Kyle’s other duties also seemed to be keeping tabs on his friend Phil that he apologized for being three sheets to the wind.   He said that his friend had started the party at 11am.   He wasn’t totally out of it as “Uncle Buck” with John Candy was on TV and he said that was back when characters like him and Chris Farley made great comedy films, which is true and also the movies “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” that had both John Candy and Steve Martin trying to get home over a Thanksgiving and John Candy’s cameo in “Home Alone” as the Polkaing guy giving the Mom a ride back to her son.

There was a toddler who had a bag of Duplo blocks that her Mom picked up twice only for the girl to get the bag open and get them out all over again.  Some she would give to Marv or me and he would take two apart and put back together with is giant man hands and she looked with wonder and the would take back and try to do the same with her tiny little hands and seemed puzzled why it wasn’t working the same way as they had with Marv, but not upset about it, just very curious.

Before we left, his friends gathered around like we were specimens in a zoo and it commented “So you are Kyle’s parents”.   Kyle pointed out that he has my nose and Marv’s ears.   I guess we weren’t what they expected and not sure it that is a good or a bad thing.



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