Parents and Grandparents – 1961

My Cousin Sue emailed me the above picture she found that was taken on her Dad’s farm.

My Uncle Bob is on the far left with the equally tall and lanky guy next is my Dad and the short and stocky fella is my Grandfather.  In front is my mother and next to her my Grandmother.

It must have been Easter or a special occasion as my Grandpa only wore a overalls and a t-shirt and I don’t ever recall seeing my Grandmother in a dress, ever.

While there were some tall, lanky genes in the gene pool, I ended up getting the short and stocky ones from my Grandpa, but he was a good-hearted, hard-working fella so proud to share his genes all the same.


2 thoughts on “Parents and Grandparents – 1961

    1. It was back in the day of black and white film even before I was born and probably on a low end camera. Knowing the people in the picture, none of them were crazy about having there picture taken in general so a posed group shot would have been out of the question. I am thankful that the picture exists at all that that a actual candid moment was caught on film from that time and shared with me.


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