Meet Apricot

I spotted her on in the Easter clearance aisle at Kroger for 70% off while shopping and with the $2 price tag, she is now a rescue Llama.  Someone at the grocery store commented what a cute sheep, but she and I know she is a vertically challenged Llama.  Yes, there are dwarf llamas in the world…don’t be hating on them!

I thought about taking her to work as a decoration but then she would have to deal with the “I’m a tiny llama in a sheep world” issue.   Marv said she could come live with him as the dogs would love her to death (literally) and said that is not going to happen.

She is now one of my couch buddies that I curl up with on the couch to watch a show and takes of residence where the cats I used to sit.  She is not affectionate as a real pet, but then again, I don’t have to pay a $250 deposit or change her litter box.



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