“The Ballad of Lefty Brown”

Marv is a big history buff and love Westerns and War movies, so when checking what was available at Redbox when I spotted “The Ballad of Lefty Brown” that starred Bill Pullman as Lefty, the ner do well friend, “crotchety sidekick”and employee of rancher elected Senator, Richard Johnson, portrayed by Peter Fonda and and Jim Caviezel (who portrayed Jesus in “The Passion Of The Christ”) I knew this was one to watch.

Without adding any spoilers, it was a decent piece of historical fiction, but if you rent I strongly recommend watching the special features included in the DVD that talk about the movie being shot on location in historic Bannack, Montana, located in a remote area of Montana  and per Wikipedia had been and actual old west ghost town founded in 1862.

Director Jared Moshe,that wrote and directed the film picked this location, as it embodied his vision and he tried to keep it as historically accurate as possible and implored his set designers to try to do the same.

It helps that there were several experienced actors that gave award-winning performances in their role; I thought Jim Caviezel gave a very under-appreciated role as the governor who had his vision of the future that conflicted with his long-time loyalties and Kathy Baker as Johnson’s widow who could have lost the ranch she had nurtured for over 30 years because under the law at that time the ranch would have passed to her husband’s closest male relative instead of her if he died without a will.

When Kyle was in high school, it seemed they showed a lot of films to try to keep the students interested in subject that teens would otherwise be bored with and I can see this movie going into a rotation for a history class as it does try to bring to life a period how life 150 years ago was in the old West.


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