View Through McDonald’s Drive Thru Window

Above is the view in from the McDonald Drive thru window at around midnight after hearing Marv lament all evening he was limited to 2 liters of fluids and no added salt.  Something about hearing someone being restricted from junk food made me want to run to it and savor it, so I did.

s Marv just got out of the hospital on Friday and Kyle left late afternoon with Brittney and her daughter after they ended up staying over as they had misplaced the keys and need to get from her Mom the next day, I picked up the movie “Geostorm” from Redbox and went over to make sure he was ok.

“Geostorm” starred Gerald Butler as an arrogant, hard-headed scientist that created a series of satellites that control the weather around the world to stabilize it that is so out of the box he is fired by his own brother after an outburst at a political meeting, but of course, when things go awry, he is brought back onboard to figure out the problem.  It was ok, but a little predictable and not a movie I would buy or want to see again.



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