Get Together at Gloria’s

Today we went for a belated Thanksgiving/early Christmas at Gloria’s.   Although there was no chili today, Kyle said hers is the best ever.

Kyle was supposed to come up but called about a half hour after we got there and said he had overslept and it was too late to head up there, which by that time, it was.  It is sad as someday he will wish he had back he all the times he missed  family functions, especially as we are not getting any younger.   The longer my older relatives that have passed have been gone, the more I miss them.

While I know part of is being a mid-20’s thing, when I was that age I called my Mom all the time and I didn’t have a problem letting her know where I lived/stayed or who I as with.  All I can do is pray for him and hope he grow up and out of it and return to the values he grew up with.

As usual there was plenty of food and got caught up a little with the relatives.   Sharon Kay and Warren said they had a break in recently at their lake cottage; thankfully they weren’t there at the time.  I think that would have been worse; things, while not always easily replaced for the most part are, but people are not.   After you have had a vehicle or place broken into and things taken you never quite get over feeling violated or entirely safe again, but you learn to live with it and learn to take as many precautions as you can to avoid it happening again.

We are trying to make plans to meet them sometime in Auburn and hopefully Kyle can go then as they have not seen him in a long time.


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