Golden Retriever Shirt

This was an impulse buy that Marv made after I showed him something on the internet and realistic dog face t-shirt pics showed up around the perimeter and he wanted to get one for Kyle for Christmas as it looks like his dog.    The shirt he wanted to purchase would have been over $30 with shipping so I said let me check E-Bay to see if I could find something similar and we did here for $18.95, including shipping.

I doubt Kyle will wear it often, but when he does I think it will freak the dogs out, especially the one it is representing.


4 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Shirt

  1. You saved Marv so much, you must be his fan favorite now ;> Hope he doesn’t expect you to do the wrapping, too 😉 I love these shirts but I don’t consider them wearable on women, because the goof is where the eyes ‘sit’ on the body … ahem! 😉

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  2. for me not so much an ‘Impulse Buy” as I have been looking at these for the last 6 months but I have grown so Rotund that I doubt they have them in my size. Since Kyle is now a “Medium” it should fit nicely.. I gotta get myself on the exercise bike I put in my living room so it’s not out of site, out of mind.


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