Roady’s – Formerly known as Don’s Truck Stop and Warren Auto Truck Plaza

My Mom had worked at the above was a child and again in the mid 80’s in the kitchen (and I worked in the kitchen briefly in late ’85).

When my Mom had been a waitress in 70’s when it was Don’s Truck stop they carried Union 76 gas and as their colors for Union 76 were orange and blue, the waitresses had to wear at what I thought at the time a hideous peachy-orange dress uniform with white pleats and white collar at the neckline and a navy blue apron.   It was open 24/7 and mainly catered to truck drivers and road weary travelers.

The food that was served was made mostly from mixes and a lot of frozen items, including burgers, chicken, and french fries.   Some of the breakfast items, like eggs, omelets and American fries were made with fresh ingredients and made to order, except still fried on a grill of grease.  In general, tasty but many fried or grease laden “Comfort” foods.

I say this as it is a disparate contrast to what what the place is now.

Marv and his friend went down there recently and were going to catch a bite to eat when they noticed it was noticed the word “Bar” on it and said drunk people were stumbling across the parking lot to go to Subway across the street.   When we were down there recently we pulled in and saw “Indian food” and I was thinking American Indian and wondering if they served Buffalo Burgers and burned sage in addition to serving booze.

When we saw the turban wearing truck drivers, a light bulb went off in our head that it was not the North American Indian type of food, but likely the Middle Eastern kind. I was curious and had to check it out, but Marv was not interested so he stayed in the van.  On the one side where you enter it is like many gas stations these days with a lot grocery type items in addition to cigarettes and lottery tickets for sale in addition to reflectors, oil, antifreeze and things you would need for basic truck or auto maintenance.  Toward the back is the restroom, a video game and there was a sign for “Asian Massage” but upon close inspection it was for a foot massage.  If Marv not been waiting in the van, I would have walked back for at least more information and I have problems with my feet and I could do with a good foot massage.

Toward the front the flooring changes and you are in the restaurant area.  It was a completely different layout than the last time I was there and seemed much smaller.  I didn’t see the “bar” part; perhaps they just served alcohol with dinner like many places do these days.  It had the wonderful smell of curry and Indian spices and they had a buffet.  It was a reasonable price and although they didn’t have a vast amount of offerings, it looked ok.   I know mild Mexican food is about all Marv’s stomach can stand so I didn’t drag him in to try it.

Kyle said that when he calibrated scales at his former job, he had gone there several times and the owners are very nice and even brought out a coffee to warm him up on a cold Winter day when the scale was frozen and it was quite a walk from the restaurant to the scale.  He also said the food was very hot and spicy but it was good.


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