Cyber Monday, Dinner with Kay, More Christmas Lights and Cats Behind on My Van

I took the day off to shop online for Cyber Monday but was a bit disappointed as I didn’t find the deals that I had found in prior years.  In fact, I did more shopping and think I got better deal is the few days before Thanksgiving.

As we found out recently that my cousin, Kay, has started teaching at the school by Marv’s house we invited her out to dinner and we went to the Renaissance and dined and got caught up.

She is teaching for students with special needs at the elementary school.  She said her folks are paring down things and plan on going into assisted living in the Spring and that her Mom doesn’t get around much these days.   Her oldest is working in IT and not the Helpdesk kind, the kind that writes programs that the company.  Her 2nd oldest does contracting and his wife has launched her own business doing graphic arts and it starting to take off.  Her youngest is a stay-at-home Mom to 3 adorable kids.  Told  her it was encouraging the parents survive the adult children going through their mid-20’s finding themselves phase.

The waitress at the Renaissance is good at what she does and always a character.  She came in after stepping out for a minute and asked if I had a “Cats A$$” on my van.  I had laugh and admit that I did and explained that I had bought the Cat Decal to be able to tell my van in a parking lot full of burgundy vans and more than once before getting it, I had gotten into the wrong vehicle when I got off work.  I would get in and go to put the key in the ignition and look around and see it had more or less or something different that I had in my own van.  People (including me) need to learn to lock their vehicles on a regular basis.

I don’t recall exactly where the above display was, but Marv took a pic on his phone and sent it to me on the way back to his place as I had picked him up.



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