“Stranger Things” on Netflix

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I watched the series when it first came out on Netflix, but as Marv had not I introduced him to the series.

He picked up a pizza a 2 liter of Diet Coke from Dominos and we did a little binge watching on Netflix of “Stranger Things”, which is about a boy that disappears and a young girl from a lab in a government lab.

Without giving the plot away,  if you are a Stephen King fan, you will love this series as there are a lot of tips to the hat to his work in this series created by the Duffer Brothers to his work, such as the boys walking on railroad tracks (“Stand By Me”) to a scene in a junkyard (“Dreamcatcher”) to a child with special abilities due to government experiments (“Firestarter”) to  strange creatures from another dimension (“The Mist” and “From A Buick 8”).

Even if not, there are several threads to capture a multigenerational audience, from the 11-12-year-old main characters to their with siblings in high school to the dysfunctional small-town adults, including Wynona Ryder as the mom of the missing boy.

If you have Netflix I highly recommend watching as there is now 2 seasons out and if not, they usually offer a 30-day free trial offer and I suggest joining and binge-watching (monthly subscription is now $9.99 a month if you don’t cancel).

I have to say I ditched traditional cable years ago after losing my job as I just couldn’t afford it but with Netflix for movies and some series, and rounding out with Hulu for another $9.99 a month, I have more than enough to watch on my computer and don’t really miss it anymore.




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