View From The Drive-Thru At Mr. Coney

While it probably is drudgery for the fella he probably does it all of the time, but watching the workers mass build Coney Dogs through the drive-thru window is like watching a ballet of hot dog heaven from the toss of the steamed buns to the mass prep fixing tray, then the tonging of the hot dogs into the buns the then toss/ladle of the sauce into the center without hitting the edges to the sprinkle of the perfect amount of onion to the efficiency of the quick but tight and consistent speed wrap before putting them in the bag.

If I go back to being a vegetarian, which I know is a much healthier¬†diet, it won’t be steak or burgers I would miss; it would be the beloved coney dog that is full of questionable meat products in a stick form that is full of nitrates.


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