Lunch Version of the Big Juan Burrito at Bandido’s

I got off a little early and I was in Glenbrook Commons area and decided to stop in Bandido’s and get a bite to eat before going home.

I decided to get the lunch version of the Big Juan Burrito, which at $7.75 with no rice or bean I think is still a little pricey but they have they have a “fresh made daily” approach, it doesn’t have a frozen aftertaste some places do that pre-assemble and then reheat, although not every dish is fresh made – I am pretty sure the meats and cheese sauces are on a steam table and the items are assembled fresh.

As I have mentioned before, the obvious target audience it for hipsters and millennials and I am not a fan of the overall ambiance, but I figured it wouldn’t be busy around 3:30pm and it was not.

They also now serve complimentary chips and salsa and have the option of mild or spicy salsa, but I suggest getting both an mixing them together.  When they first opened they charged $2 for chips and $3 for a small bowl of salsa, but so many people complained about that and the placing your order at a register that they changed the concept to the other Bandidos in town.


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