Flavor of The Month

Although Kyle was supposed to be on the new round on this subcontractor job until around Thanksgiving, he called his Dad up asking for money on Friday as they finished early.  Fortunately, his check came on Saturday and his Dad deposited it and he had enough money to get home.

He got back in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday and I guess slept all day but when I texted him yesterday we made plans for dinner at Fazoli’s, which he canceled when I asked what time as he said he had already eaten.

Although Kyle was out-of-town working only two weeks, he managed to find a new lady friend and said her name was Kala.   I asked if it was Kala liked “holla” or Kala liked “Kayla” and he advised it was the latter and he met her in Mississippi.  In the first pic he sent she looked like a blonde version of his former girlfriend but he disagreed and sent this pic and have to agree she didn’t.   He said she is 22 and may come up here to go to school.   It seems the lady friends last on a 6-week cycle, but since this one is not local yet and he said she is special, will have to wait and see.



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