Zombie Frappuccinno

Occasionally after work on a Friday I still stop in at Starbucks and get a treat and I saw they were offering a “Zombie Frappuccino” so I decided to give it a try and order a Grande and it ended up costing $5.67, so it is not a cheap concoction.

I had thought it might going to be a green Matcha Tea, with a raspberry syrup and a flavored whipped topping, but after tasting it I thought it might have been a pistachio drink and there was no flavor in the whipped topping.

As I was reading a few pages of a book while sipping as the weather is no longer patio reading friendly, I was trying to figure out how to make a version if you wanted to have them at home as it is a cool idea and guessed I would probably make it more of a milkshake and would flavor the whipped topping before piping it but not sure what to use for the syrup because when it melts, it starts “bleeding” into the rest of the drink.

When I looked it up online it turned out the green was a Caramel Green Apple and the syrup was chocolate.


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