Whopper Wednesday, “1922” and the Shape Shifting Salt Sucking Succubus episode of Star Trek

When Marv sent me a pic of Burger King coupons I knew he wanted to go to Whopper Wednesday at Burger King (he is more a chicken sandwich).

We went to the one on Lima Road as it typically is not super busy in the dining area (although the drive-thru is always busy) and we always hope the lounge type chairs in front of the television that always has Fox News on it.  As there is a playland at this location, people with kids under 3 feet tall go in there and it is mostly older people in the dining area and it is fairly quiet, except for last time when a fella that was probably in his late 60’s if not older, in a very dated suit was on the phone the entire time.  Marv was getting irritated by it,  but from what I could gather was he had gone back to work in sales after having been retired from years and was not used to being away from home.  When the man got up to get a refill I pointed that out along with noting the man had a well-worn Bible on his table he ignored being annoyed after that.

Afterwards, we went to my place and I picked out watching “1922”, a Netflix original that was based on a Stephen King novella.  As I had not read this particular story, I was not sure what to expect.  Without giving any spoilers, I can say it is Stephen King’s twist on a marriage of Edgar Allan Poe and O’Henry.   It starred a very weathered and unrecognizable Thomas Jane (I did not know it was him until I read the credits) giving a strong performance of the conniving Idahoan farmer.  I knew Marv might not like the story, but would love the vehicles and figured they would have a few (they did) but he thought the movie was good as well, although he didn’t know he could say he “enjoyed” it.

After that we watched an episode of Star Trek, it was Season 1 and it as the 2nd or 3rd episode and it was the one with a Shape Shifting Salt Sucking Succubus. Try saying that 10 times fast.  The creature could read thoughts and tried to take on the shape and persona of a person that the crew had or would love then mesmerize them and steal salt from the crew members body via suckers on its fingertips.

While the sets and creature costumes are obvious and rather lame by today’s standards, you have to consider it was made around 50 years ago and by those standards, it was somewhat groundbreaking.  Marv pointed out the flip phones that used to be popular are reminiscent of the communicators on the show.   A fella that I was on the debate team in college was a Trekkie and pointed out that the episodes also tackled social and political issues and could point out references in any episode you gave him, but I didn’t always see it but do have to agree with that the one the episode where there were two warring races – one that was black on the left and white on the right and the other with white on the left and black back when there was bussing of children to other schools to integrate the different races and to try to show we are all really the same.



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