Fish Tank at Taco Zone

Marv and I decided to meet at Taco Time and as the camera was dead, I am using this picture we took last time we went to of the fish tank in the back of the place.  They also have a large oblong tank up front as well.

As my Mom kept a large aquarium when I was young, I know how high maintenance a fish tank can be.  You should not just use tap water, but if you do, you need to boil it and let it cool.  The water needs to be room temperature and the same temperature as the water the fish are in, or if you put them back in and it is hotter or cooler they can go into shock and die.   If you overfeed them, they can die from eating too much and it can also pollute the tank and need to change it more often.

Goldfish and betas with a small catfish to help keep the tank and the best option, which think tank did.

Not a fan of Guppies; the ones we had would eat their young.   Angelfish seemed to be hard to keep too.  Mom had one that had something on its nose and she had to take it out of the tank once a day and put a drop of something on it.  We had one that kept jumping out of the tank if the lid was not shut on the top.  One time that happened when no one was there and that was the end of his journey.

There is something about watching fish in an aquarium and the hum of the filter that is calming so I can understand why people keep a fish tank or an aquarium.

On this visit, we sat in a booth and watched the fish by the front window dart about.  While the $1.50 well-seasoned tacos are a good reason to drive across town to get a bite to eat, so is being able to visit an aquarium and watch the fish.


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