Cafeteria at Work

This is the cafeteria at work and we were advised yesterday is winding down and they are not sure when it will close.

It has a large selection of items on the salad bar, but you pay by the ounce 32 cents an ounce, so it was easy to rack up $6-7, which is about the same as what you would pay elsewhere at a salad bar at a restaurant.

They have a grill on the other side of the salad bar where you could order short-order grill items and there are two hot bars at the end of the cafeteria where they would offer a reasonably priced entree and sides were usually $1 on the one on the right and the one on the left had some pre-cooked burgers, corn dogs, baked potatoes and the like.

Where we are going has been anticipated that the former restaurant upstairs will have a new tenant, but it is unknown for sure when that will happen or what type of place it will be.

As there is not a whole lot within walking distance to get lunch and eat it within 3o minutes, I will probably just take my lunch like I do now once we move.  It was just nice to have another option in case I forgot to grab it or just wanted something hot on a cold day.


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