Faucet Installation

Marv took this pic of a faucet he was installing and asked what I thought.  For some reason when I first saw the pic I thought of the bathroom scene where Jack Nicholson chops through the bathroom door and says “Here’s Johnny!” in the movie “The Shining” based on a book by Stephen King of the same name.


3 thoughts on “Faucet Installation

    1. umm. I don’t see it. I just looked up and saw the double image of the new faucet and the old one with m hack saw in the corner. I thought it would make an interesting pic. of my trade of 30+ years. Like 1 week after we were married to quit a higher paying job to take a job as a plumber’s pre-apprentice.. If you remember that went over like a ton of bricks on my head!
      Nothing about that says “Here’s Johnnie” I’ve never seen a plumber on Carson nor have I’ve seen Jack play a plumber. I just don’t get it. and it went way over my head when you tried to explain it. Damn it Jim, I’m a plumber, not a doctor (Dr. McCoy)


      1. You have apparently watched the Stephen King inspired movie starring Jack Nicholson in “The Shining” where he chops through the bathroom door and sticks his head through the crack and says “Hereeee’s Johnny!”. It an impromptu comic relief moment during an intense scene.


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