Casa Grande Restaurant

Last night we went out for the first time to Casa Grande in Stellhorn Plaza off of Stellhorn Road; I am pretty sure this used to be a biker bar that karaoke on during the week.

I recall going to this place a long time ago when it had the reputation as being a “Biker bar” and a date took me there and I was reluctant to go in, but he assured me it was safe and it would be interesting.  Interesting it was…it had white Christmas lights on the bar on the right even though it was not Christmas and there were some of what looked like hard-core bikers spilling out their souls on deep meaning songs and sounding great and there was also a gal in her 40’s that sat at a table by herself and looked like a librarian that could sing a Celine Dion song better than Celine herself.

Although the relationship with the fella was very short-lived, his open-mindedness and to look beyond first judgments in people has stuck with me since.

Now, it is an upscale Mexican restaurant with a high-end interior and great service with the addition of a Dill Ranch offering to their free dips with steak pieces in dishes that need to be drained more before inserting into dishes.

Location:  6035 Stellhorn Rd, Fort Wayne, IN


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