Washing Machine

Marv’s washing machine quit working and he was going to meet with a someone at McDonald’s to get a used one sight unseen; while I have gotten things off Craiglist and the like before an met people in a public place for an exchange before, it was after seeing pictures and never for anything electric or too expensive.

Although I try to limit my credit card debt to emergency situations as the interest is so high, I don’t want Marv (or me) to trudge to the laundromat as we did for years and decided this somewhat qualified as an emergency and said I couldn’t see him wasting money a lot of money on something that might or might not work or last.

I was hoping we could find something in a “Scratch and Dent” floor model sale somewhere like we did for our first washer.   I had a little browsing online and it seemed like the least expensive that I had a credit card for was Sears and there were several models under $400 and it would be an investment.   When we got there in the evening I thought we were looking, but Marv was intent on buying something that night and added the requirement it had to American made, which changed the game a bit.

He had also wanted a front loader and I know that was for nostalgia as he and his brothers used to like to sit in front of the one their Mom had when he was a kid and watch it work, but as we are older doing all bending down lower is not as easy to do and really needed a top loader.  Plus, front loaders tend to leak over a long period of time.

The only scratch and dent was a washer and dryer set over $1,000 so that was out.   We went past one and looked in and Marv commented it looked broken as there was no agitator; she advised it was new technology and did not have or require an agitator as wave technology to clean.

In looking at some of the more inexpensive models, I could see they weren’t big enough for his comforters. While he went with the very helpful sales gal to look at the different models, I said I wanted to check the online review and rating and although I couldn’t get our phones to work, I did see they had a computer available near the clearance area and sat down and began looking models.  Marv brought over models he was interested in and looking at the rating and reviews.  Although some scored in the middle, they had a 1/4 or more low ratings and they were by enough people and the same issues enough to take note.  I started just searching my top ratings and started reading reviews.

The sales gal probably showed him every model on the floor and explained the benefits of each of one and we actually ended up getting one of the first ones she showed us and recommended.

I started just searching my top ratings and started reading reviews and came across the above which was one of the first models the sales gal had shown us and although it didn’t have a lot of ratings, all them were positive and 5 stars.  Also, it was cheaper online by $66+ dollars and I saw they had a price matching policy.  Also, with a machine over $500 they had free delivery and hookup and if less was around $80-$90, although we had to buy a hose for around $20 as well.  (Although afterwards, Marv said the sales gal told him that if paying with a Sears charge card any washer could be delivered free).

Our sales gal brought over another chair and hung back, but checked in every 10-15 mins or so to see if we had any questions, so she was helpful without being too pushy.  Sometimes we did have questions, sometimes we didn’t.  We were there for a good 2 hours or so and made our purchase shortly before closing.

With the hose, taxes and price match it turned out to be $645, which is a lot more than planned, but it has the “steam” technology. It has a Triple Action® Agitator for with powerful spray jets with the  SteamTreat™ getting out stains better without being as had on the clothes.  What can I say, other than he gets a lot of stains working on his projects.  It also has a delay start option so you can even delay the start or the cycle for up to 12 hours.

Overall, we are happy with this purchase and the patience of the sales gal and the other man in the department with all of our questions without being overly pushy just to make a sale and felt like they were trying to help us make an informed decision on our buy.

Here is the link on Sears.


2 thoughts on “Washing Machine

  1. Thank God Marv has YOU ;D …. I had a top load, no agitator (Fisher-Paykal) and when it was going to move the wash around, it did sound like a jet engine taking off – in fact, anyone visiting me, if I didn’t have the laundry hallway door closed, asked me what in the world ;>

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    1. Sorry to hear that. No one wants to go deaf just to clean their clothes. The “wave technology” just didn’t sell me as I couldn’t figure out how it would work and my old-school brain just couldn’t imagine it. My apartment washer that is probably 10 feet from my living room is loud enough I have to crank the volume on whatever show I am watching so I can hear it. As his pups like to spend a lot of time in that area as their food bowl is there and it has a cool floor since it is linoleum very glad he did not opt for that now:)


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