Dining out on Patio

I took off work a little early today and worked over during the week and as I had skipped lunch I decided to enjoy a late lunch/early dinner on my own at Dos Margarita’s on North Clinton Street and read the latest copy of “Cooks Illustrated” that I had just received in the mail.

It is not the most relaxing or scenic view; beyond the truck in the parking lot is a busy street near about a 1/4 south of the mall, a closed Sherwin-Williams store, a used car lot and in the distance Prarie Farms Dairy silos.   It was a nice day; not too hot, not too cold and it is out of sight enough that it doesn’t make you self-conscious if you are dining alone line some places do, but was not sure it was going to happen as the waitress gave me an odd look when I told her I wanted to dine on the patio.  Might have been that it was the end of her shift and she just wanted to go home as a young upbeat gal pulled up and went on duty and took over my table.

Not pictured, but to my right is a pawn shop, where a band must have made enough money to get their instruments out of hock and they came out with all sorts of instruments and piled into two cars and did hear one say it was good to have the stuff back.   There then were two ladies that got out of another vehicle along with a boy that looked like he had just woke up and although he did say a word, you could tell he was annoyed he was no longer in Sleepytown and the woman that was probably his mother grabbed him had and was sort of tugging him slowly into the place.  They must have been shopping for something as they were still in there when I left about a half hour later.

One thing I noticed is they have changed their policy that per two entrees order there could be one refill on the chips.  I ordered a Chimichanga with double rice instead of beans, which is what I usually do.  Not a fan of refried beans.  There was something in the Chimi that had a previously frozen taste which brought the dish down, but it was still ok.   Despite being famished when I got there, I had loaded up on a basket of chips and salsa and the meal was too much for me to eat so asked for a box to get half to go.

I just subscribed to Cook’s Illustrated earlier this year after receiving a card in the mail subscribe for around $10.  I have found many of the articles useful, although this issue was heavy not meat dishes and tips which I don’t cook a lot of.  It is unique in that it does have hand-drawn black and white illustrations in addition to some pictures and usually there is a color page in the back, which you could put in a frame an use for artwork in the kitchen if you need some low-cost art.


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