Marv and I decided to meet at McDonald’s for dinner.

As I pulled in the clown that had been there making balloon animals was finishing and packing up.  She was wearing a pink glitter wig and Marv commented it was a little much; told him not to diss at the was my weekend look when he isn’t around.  One thing I miss about Kyle being little is taking him to fun, free events and how excited he would get over something like a balloon animal.

I decided to try the Signature Crafted Recipe Pico Guacamole burger meal and it is served with a lime wedge you can squeeze on the burger.  It was better than I expected but very messy.

Marv saw one of the employees with a balloon creation that he thought it was a dog and asked her if she was going to walk her dog and she pointed out it was a flower.  In Marv’s defense, I thought it was a dog too.

Marv also noticed a gal that came in from the Kentucky Fried Chicken next door wearing her uniform, hat and ordered something.  When she sat down near us, he just couldn’t help himself and asked her “Did you get chicken nuggets?”.    She said no, she got a burger.  It must have hit her a few minutes later she was still in her uniform and she packed up quickly and left.  It is no big deal though, even if you get a discount where you work, if you eat the same food all the time you just want something different.



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