Desk Snack Stash

As the picture I had taken of to post today didn’t turn out I am left with the only other picture I snapped today which is my desk snack stash which also doubled as lunch today after Marv lamented his lunch was Speedway Polish Sausage and a Brisk ice tea with WXKE (a local radio station) lunch.

On the left is the Limited Edition “Touchdown Crunch” with “football” shapes.  Even with a vast, vivid imagination, to call the mishappen green and blue ovals is beyond a stretch.  The flavor is the same a the Cap’n Crunch Cereal and they are a bright and cheery shades of unhealthy unnatural colored fun.

On the right is a Cheez-It Duoz in Bacon & Cheddar that still has Ollie’s Outlet sticker on it.  While the cheddar side is just like regular Cheez-Its, the Bacon ones have some sort of coated spice mixture that has a bit of a smokey flavor that is just not bacon and gets all over your hands but is great in soups.


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