Sofa Shopping

Although I love the look of my current sofa, it does have the “Japanesesqe” quality of being too low the floor and although was in good condition when I bought it used several years ago, is probably about 15-20 years old as far as it style and now has broken board in the center of the couch, it is time to get a new one.

Last night started looking at Ashley Furniture on Jefferson Blvd. and had a coupon for $100 off any $299 or more purchase, although the sales gal did a great job in helping to figure out what I might want, which would be a coil sofa instead of soft sofa to sink into with a foam filling and maybe consider getting a sectional and special ordering an end piece to get the length I wanted with arms.  She also said that although the fabrics are imported from overseas, the furniture is made in the Wisconsin so they are made in the US.  She advised they also add an extra bracket in back for durability.

Marv was put off after seeing a table that had a wood table that wasn’t leveled and he said it looked like a 7th grade project he had done in shop class, and I really didn’t see exactly what I wanted (even though I am not sure what that is yet).

My friend Beth texted me a picture of a couch a Big Lots at Stellhorn and looked nicer than the ones I had looked at at the Parkwest store and less expensive.  They were less than half the cost of what I had looked at the night before so I made a trip out there and found a few possibilities.  Some of them were Ashley Furniture, and Simmons, and other name brands that probably discontinued models or overstocked items, which I am fine with.  I am not crazy about some of the couches they have now with chaise lounge on one end and it would not fit in my small living room.

The one below was a little over $300.

This one was $292.



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