Huddle House

Marv got coupons in the mail to try Huddle House so we decided to check it out as it was in nearby New Haven.  It turned out to be a lot farther out than I thought it would be – was on the east side of the  I469 cloverleaf on US 30 on the left side of the highway.  It is on a hill and is at the left-hand corner of a gas station and I didn’t even know they had a restaurant there.

Marv got a burger because they had bleu cheese dressing he could add to the top and I got one of their breakfast deals with the coupon and got the choice of bacon or sausage, 2 eggs choice of grits or sausage gravy and a biscuit and choice of waffle or toast.   I did not get anything to drink but water and my bill was $7.01 (not including the tip), which is a good price for all that I received.

Marv and I both agreed although the fries and hashbrowns looked crispy, they were not and overall not at hot as expected, but I think that had more to due with our waitress leaving it too long at the warmer despite the place not being very busy, but it was not so bad that anything was really worth complaining over.   They let people sit where ever they would like and her other table was on the far side of the place from us so it did keep her running.

The decor was nice but the benches were worn and overall the place was clean.

One nice thing about it is they are open 24/7 so if you are a night owl out that direction you can get a meal there when everything else in New Haven is closed.  We do plan on going there again in the future and trying some of their other offerings.

Location: 105 Doyle Rd, New Haven, IN 46774


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