Super Krogering

For a change of pace, I thought I would visit the “Super” Kroger in the swankier section of town on the northeast corner of Coldwater Road and Dupont Road in Fort Wayne, IN.  I had only been there one time before but seems like they have added more things.  They have a wide variety of items and more high-end items along with stuff you would find at a regular Kroger.  I only spent about a half hour and got through a few aisles before I called it quits then went to the Kroger I go to all the time that is much smaller and less variety, but I know where things are at there are at and get what I need quickly then leave.

Below is an Olive bar on the left that was closed by the time I got there and there is a higher-end cheese selection to the right.

I have not seen this at any other grocery store; it is a tomato bar where you can pick out all types of little tomatoes.

More snazzy cheeses.  We don’t have this selection at my local Kroger.

They have a Starbuck in this Kroger.

They have a large cafeteria area and there is a TV.

They even have stuffed chairs at the other end, except they are in a hideous baby on a soy formula diaper color brown. 


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