Three Colors of Foam at the Disco Car Wash and Watching an Arthur Murray Class

After we ate at Culver’s when asked what I wanted to do next I decided to treat Vin Unleaded to a van wash.

I had actually forgotten where the Disco carwash as it has been a long time since I had gone there was at and found it again at the Lassus station on Coldwater Road.  It turned out to be a double bonus as they now offer a tri-color wash in their Supreme wash for $11.00 and I got .20 off per gallon.

When we started going through it looked sort of like a pastel Jackson Pollock on my windshield and it Unicorn like beauty distracted me in not driving forward enough to start the whole process, but it was then a challenge as I could not see a thing; I went forward but missed whatever mark I was supposed to and had to back it up and try again, but to do this, sadly I had to use the windshield wipers which spoiled the fun.

Once I got on track the wash was pretty standard and I had a clean, shiny van when done.  Afterwards, next door Marv commented there was an Arthur Murray Studio with large windows and they were having a class and we went over and watched until the class ended about 15 minutes later.  Marv had said his Mom had gone to an Arthur Murray when he was a kid and his Dad hated her going. I commented I am sure she had fun and perhaps he should have gone with her.

In watching, some people were good, other having fun and not so good, and other almost painful to watch.  They switched partners a few times which made it more interesting to watch.  One duo barely moved at all and when they did, they came close to stepping on each other toes.  One younger gal in the tank top with spaghetti straps (which I had to explain to Marv what a tank top with spaghetti straps was) was a good dancer and seemed to be leading her male partners and I thought she might be one of the teachers, but by the end of class it appeared that a young guy about my son’s age was the teacher.

Location:  8830 Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46825




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