Kyle with Maxx

No pictures were taken today as my allergies were acting up so bad my eyes were so itchy I had trouble driving home, so just took a Benadryl and laid down and stayed in for the night, so posting this picture of Kyle with his dog Maxx.

Kyle was probably about in the 5th grade at the time.  Marv got Maxx for him with he was a puppy and Kyle was about 3.  Most all of his stories in Grade School were about Maxx and he even used to refer to Maxx as his brother.   He used to draw Maxx’s toenails so so long they looked like daggers on the end of his feet.

Maxx was always gentle with Kyle, but protective.   One time Marv hear Maxx making barking towards a door in the back bedroom and it alerted Marv that someone had gotten in and was hiding behind the door.  Marv took his had and got the person by the neck and it might have gotten ugly except he was surprised that it was a girl.   She told him she crawled through the bedroom window as someone was after her.  He said he appeared to be high.  He was in his undies and got her to the living room and told her to stay put, but went to put some pants and unfortunately, she did get his wallet, it could have been a lot worse had Maxx not been there and alerted him.

I dog sat for Maxx when the went to Scout Nationals and woke up on the couch after a dreaming my legs had been amputated only to find out Maxx was lying on them and cutting off the circulation.  He also ate my leather shoes.  One shoe was mangled, but the part left of the other one was a bit of the bottom and the metal bar that had been on top.   Maxx also like to chew the arms and legs off Power Rangers and GI Joes if they were left out.

Maxx has been gone for several years now but was still the best dog ever.



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