My Favorite Childhood Toy

Picture:  Facebook

Looking at it now I have no idea why, but for some reason, the above monkey toy was my favorite as a child and I even kept it until by early 20’s but think my Mom threw it out when I moved out as It was probably pretty skanky by then.

This picture is from Facebook, but the toy was a stuffed monkey about 16-18 inches tall with a furry body, filled with styrofoam pellets but had rubber hands (one with a banana in it) face, ears, and shoes.  I named her Judy and she was my constant companion from the time I got her when I was around 4 or 5 until I was around 10.  I watched cartoons with her, had beauty pageants with her (and she usually would win over the Barbie dolls) and was my assistant when I baked tiny cakes with my Easy Bake Oven.   When I was sick or sad just holding her tight was of comfort to me, even though I never liked how the styrofoam pellets felt or sounded when they moved around when I did so.

I dressed her in baby dresses and sometimes given paper towel hair, which was a paper towel cut into strips and pinned to her ears with bobby pins.  Sometimes I colored the paper towel with a marker first, sometimes it was left white with the lovely blue floral print on the ends.   I also “pierced” her ears and I crafted earrings out of trash ties and other items and I would get into my Mom’s jewelry and bedazzle her with necklaces and some of my Mom’s screw back earrings as she had ear space to spare (the monkey, not my Mom).

I tried to find more information about her and found out she is really he.   Shoot Magazine indicates on their website the toy is Mr. Bim:

“This MR. BIM. STUFFED TOY MONKEY was made by BELOVED TOYS of Kansas City, MO. The copyright was registered 1/4/1960” and “He is approximately 17” in height, and has the original “jingle bells” on his red suspenders. Of course. he’s holding a banana and has tennis shoes – which are rubber or soft plastic. His face and ears are rubber as well, and the rest of him is plush.”

To me, my particular monkey will always be Judy.


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