Eddie Got “Fixed” Today

I decided not to post the picture of where he had surgery as I think his face says it all.

Marv took him to Eel River Veterinary Clinic in Columbia City, IN neutered.  He had developed a spraying problem and hoping this will nip that in the bud (probably not the best choice of words under the circumstances, huh?).

They go by the weight of the dog and as Eddie is 40 lbs, he was $80. Marv said he couldn’t believe the dog weighed that much – I said I wasn’t, a purebred Chihuahua wouldn’t, but no matter what his papers say, there is no way he is.    Marv said the vet even commented to him he looked part Chihuahua and part Terrier.   Somehow he is fat, yet a muscular fat as there is no jiggle in his belly.

Marv had bought a small dog carrier at Walmart yesterday and I told him when he was picking it up that it looked too small – when he got home he said Eddie couldn’t fit through the door.

Instead of stitches, they used a glue that will dissolve so he won’t need to take him back in unless there are complications.   He was still a little groggy and not anxious to jump up on the couch like he usually does right in the spot I was going to sit down in, but he looks more like he is sad than in pain.  Hopefully, he will be back to his yippy self again soon.



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