“Girls Trip”

Beth and I had been trying to schedule a time to go to the movies and we wanted to see a chick-flick comedy and this is the only one that was playing at Regal Cinemas (because they have big, comfy reclining seats).

The movie centers on the above four ladies, who have been friends since college and back in the day they called themselves the “Flossie Posse”, which is where the movie starts and briefly goes through that time and their friendship up to the present, where they get together again after not seeing each other for 5 years after Regina Hall’s character, which is sort of like a Martha Stewart who with her husband tells women you can have it all, is to speak at the Essence Festival in New Orleans and invites her friends.  Queen Latifa’s character is a gossip blogger, Jada Pinkett Smith is a nurse that is divorced with two kids and lives with her mom and Tiffany Haddish is a promiscuous, crude-talking hot head that has just lost her job due to the later.

Except for the party scenes where she is dressed up, you might not recognize Jada Pinkett Smith as she has been made under and had bangs and her character is the most normal and believable of the bunch.

It is sort of like “The Hangover” except it is with 4 middle aged black women and a little less boozy and hazy and in New Orleans instead of Las Vegas.

Some of the content is very crude, but I think it would have been a much better flick had it not been.  Same on the nudity; there were two scenes, one partial, one full and both male.   The full monty was a scruffy old guy and I was choking my Diet Coke as I had not expected it.

In today’s movie world it is tough for writers to try to come up with something different that hasn’t been seen before and there were a few of those moments, but there are few I would have preferred not be in the movie and make it more about the different characters coming together despite their differences instead of gross out or vulgar humor.

It was ok for a few laughs on a Sunday afternoon, but is it not a movie I would purchase or watch again.




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