Birthday Dinner for Kyle that almost wasn’t

As Kyle will be working nights on this birthday, I had offered to take him out to eat the place of his choice but told him in advance if he wanted any Coronna’s that was on him to buy and he agreed that was ok.

He picked out a local place that he hangs out with his friends with sometimes, but he decided it would be just his Dad and I this evening (I think he had planned a separate outing with his friends there the next night).

The waitress brought us chips and salsa and asked for our drink order.  I told there would be one ticket for Kyle and I and a separate one for his Dad so she wouldn’t have to try to sort it out later.   It was then when Kyle decided to order a Coronna.   I told the waitress there would be a separate tab then for that and that Kyle would be responsible for the Coronna(s). That is when things took a downturn.  He changed his order to a water and started muttering even though he as a 24-year-old grown man and he wasn’t allowed to have a beer – I told him that wasn’t it at all and he could if he wanted to; it was just I was not going to pay for it.   He said he should just leave, but instead started slinging insults and name calling.  I said calmly I was not going to do this and got up and left.

I went home and about 15 minutes later Marv showed up and said it didn’t get better after I left.  Said I could have understood that reaction if I had not said anything about it in advance, but not only did I address it that if he wanted Coronna(s), that he had to buy them and he agreed.  Originally we had invited my nephew and his Grandma; not only did I not think it was a good example for my nephew who probably looks up to Kyle, the last time we went to Bandido’s his Dad paid more for Coronna’s than he did his meal, which is not hard to rack up at $4 -5  per bottle and if you live on cigarettes and don’t eat much and don’t get enough sleep, even one could impair you.  Agreed, he is a grown a$$ man and he can buy as many as he wants/can afford, but I don’t want to condone or finance it.   This wasn’t Taco Tuesday with his buds; the point was to spend some quality time with the parentals to celebrate his birthday.  Sometimes being an adult is choosing not to do something even though you can because it is not the best choice under the circumstances.

About 10 minutes later Kyle came in and Marv must have had a “Come to Jesus” talk with him as his attitude had turned 180 degrees from what it was before.   Marv meditated for a few minutes and we agreed to go back to go back to the place and try again.  Kyle said he took care of the dead baby bunnies that were on my walkway (we figure there must be a cat in the area) and I gave him $5 so he did have money to buy a beer if he had wanted to, but he did not.

We had a good dinner – they had giant tacos and burritos, although the fajitas were just average although much higher in price.  I gave Kyle his present – a Jurassic Park Beach Towel.

Jurassic Towel “RAWR!”


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