New Strip Mall to Go In Where Don Pablos/Quaker Steak and Lube Used To Be

I had heard on the radio that a new strip mall was going to be built where the old Don Pablo/Quaker Steak and Lube used to be so I decided to go over a snap pics as there were a lot of fond memories in that building.  Is sad they are going to tear it down and turn it into a strip mall.  The building can’t be much older than 20 years.

When it was Don Pablo we used to go there all of the time.  I would usually get a salad and Kyle would get a chicken fingers kid’s meal that was served with alphabet shaped tater tots and sometimes he would like to pick up the tater tots and ask what letter they were before biting into them and other times just wanted to gobble them up.

They had a fountain to one side and they usually had on Mexican themed music.  One time when it was busy and Kyle was in an energetic mood he danced (actually it was more of jump and gallop) around the fountain for 20 minutes after finishing his food and entertaining the waitress and patrons.  Was one of the few I actually got him to take a nap in the afternoon.

We went there for many years and even met with co-workers for birthdays and many times would take Kyle and which ever friend had spent the night, up until they raised their prices by about $2 on each meal and then we only went occasionally.  It must have deterred others as well because it was not long after that they closed and the building sat empty for a while.

When it reopened as Quaker Steak N Lube, a car themed restaurant, we went there for Kyle’s 17th birthday party.   It was a different atmosphere and not one we cared for and they had a bar in the middle of the floor downstairs instead of tucked away upstairs.  We could understand about it being busy, noisy and disorganized as it was opening day, but we went one other time and it was the same and our order was messed up, service sketchy and atmosphere too loud and distracting even though we sat upstairs this time and we didn’t go back.  They used to have a “bike night” on Wednesdays but there was trouble one time and they did away with that and they were not open much longer after that and closed a year or so ago.

When Marv was snapping pics didn’t realize we stopped by a young couple crossing the lot.  The fella asked if everything was ok and we told him why were there and he thought it was cool that we were reminiscing about old-time and said something I haven’t heard a young man his age say in a long time “God Bless You”.



2 thoughts on “New Strip Mall to Go In Where Don Pablos/Quaker Steak and Lube Used To Be

  1. Ah! We had a Quaker State & Lube in this area and while I was never there, this was kind of the idea of the place I got from a neighbor of mine (in more graphic terms …). Also wanted to say thank you for the trip down memory lane with your family photo from the 80s! (Unfortunately the connecting link from the email to the page isn’t working, so thats why I’m tacking it on here.)


    1. You the music in a place is too loud if a teenager says it is too loud – both time we went even Kyle said it was too loud. Also make more sense to have the more family area on the first floor so you don’t have to lug kids upstair and keep the bar (and drunk people) upstairs out of sight from the family area, not a drunk guys vulgarly hitting on waitress with only a metal rail to separate it from the family area.


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