Kyle Came Over For Dinner

Between his going to Camping/Cedar Point, then camping/canoeing in Mongo, then a new job, working on something electrical over the weekend in Ohio with his friends, then taking another new job he had orientation for today I had not seen my son in a while, only text exchanges or arguments and not that  few weeks as his phone was shut off until a few days ago, but he did stop over for a bowl of Chili that I had going in the crock pot.

He is seeing a new girl and sporting yet another tattoo.  I could not make out what it was other than big and black – perhaps lettering?  When I asked he said it was GR something or other, like I should know what it stands, and when I continued to have dumb look on my face he made a motion with his hand like he was revving up a motorcycle, so I am guessing it has something to do with that.   I could guess I could understand if better if he had gotten on of his dog that he grew up with, Maxx.  A friend of an acquaintance at the local festival years ago had one done of her cat on her back shoulder that she had for years and it was a memorial to a cherished pet and when people would ask about it, she could share fond memories of the cat.

Marv said after he left the new gal is a tattoo artist and did the tattoo for him.  I think that is the 5th one; tattoo, that is; have lost count on the lady friends.  It sounds like the new job is going to an odd 12-hour second shift where you switch off working different days of a seven-day week.  I said I didn’t know how he was going to keep that all straight and he said they provided several calendars to make it clear so guess it will all work out.    I just hope he gets back on track to being the humble, likable, level-headed, responsible young man that he used to be and value and treasure the gifts and blessings that God has given him.

We watched an episode of “Malcolm in The Middle” and he had to take off to pick up his lady friend, but before he had to poke he Dad and when he came back in the room so he would jump and gave he a combination bear hug/headlock before doing so.


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