New Towels from Kohl’s – 81 Cents after Promo Code, Kohl’s Cash and Yes to You Rewards Applied

Although I have had a Kohl’s card for years, I usually only used it to buy clothes for my son when they good deals on Jeans and t-shirts and would do back to school shopping, Christmas shopping and “ripped out the knees of another pair of jeans” shopping.  I do like some of their clothing in the Apartment 9 line, but something in the JLo line is probably not going to look good on me.

It seems like they over price stuff and then have a sale so you feel good about the great deal you are getting.   They also lure you back by offering you Kohl’s Cash by encouraging you to spend $50 to get a $10 credit a week that is good a week or so later and give you a limited time to spend it.  Sometimes they have another Kohl’s Cash promotion to get you to buy even more stuff and come back again in a week or so the spend fest continues.

But sometimes they do have great deals and I had taken advantage of one recently and bought a new set of Food Network pots and pans for under $50. I haven’t opened the box yet as saving it for a bad day and also once I open it, I really wouldn’t have a good reason not cook all the time, now would I?  I justified the purchase as an investment to encourage me to cook healthier meals at home.

But, back to the towels.  I had $10 in Kohl’s Cash and $5 in “Yes2You” rewards that were expiring Sunday night so I went in search of something I could order to pick up in store in the $15 range and ended up picking 4 of the bath towels that were on sale for $3.99 each.  Kohl’s also had a promo code on their website for 20% off, so with the free ship to store option that I picked up yesterday, the total was .81 cents.


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