Remembering Kim

Aaron, Jobie & Kim, Chalk Walk 2002

It is hard to believe it has been a year since Kim passed away.   Although we lost touch about two years after she and my brother divorced, I wish we had not as she was a wonderful person and doting mother.  She was always happy and upbeat and sort of saw the world through rose-colored glasses and good in everyone.

She would come to visit and support anything Kyle was involved in and would bring Aaron.  Above is when she brought Aaron and her nephew, Jobie, to visit us when we participated in Chalk Walk in 2002.   When Kyle had tennis or swimming lessons she would come to Lakeside Park and would chat and cheer Kyle on then go to a McDonald’s or Burger King that had a playland so the boys could play or if a really hot day, go to Dairy Queen to get them a small cone, although I think they would end up wearing more of it than they ate some times.

One time we met her at Memorial Park and it was a hot day and it was packed as kids were running through the water sprinkler that had been installed just for that.  I was a little leery as we were the only non-ethnic people there and although I have no issue with that, I could see we were getting some glares from other Moms, like what are you doing here?  Kim thought nothing of it and when a young child came up and asked if he could have a sandwich like the one she was making, she said sure, she had brought plenty and just gave him one.  The glares stopped after that and all of the kids had a blast that day.  Maybe the world just needs to share more sandwiches are realize we are all the same and get hungry when playing on a hot day.

She was active in the Church and we used to go to Church and Church activities as well.  (The former minister had sued the Church for retirement and the church was forced to close).    She had a wonderful singing voice and was in the choir.   Her mother said her twin sister, Donna, had also sung very well.  Donna had passed away from Diabetes complications when she was in her early 20’s.  Kim’s mom said Kim had not had any trouble like that until she had become pregnant.  Her Mom said at one point she had been waiting for a long train coming home after dropping Aaron off at school and she had passed out and the paramedics were called and had to bust out her window to get her out and take her to the hospital.

I would usually send a card with a letter and a photo of Kyle at Christmas as I didn’t know where she was living, but did receive around May of last year from Kim apologizing for not writing sooner but she had said she had broken her right falling out bed and then reinjured it and had to have surgery again and that she was talented like that.   It was just like her to try to be upbeat even in tragedy.  I had called after receiving the letter, but I talked to her Mom and they were on their way for a golf awards ceremony for Aaron.  I did not get to see or talk to her before she passed away a month or so later a few days before her 50th birthday and I wished I had, but at least have reconnected with my nephew and see him occasionally.

She didn’t like to have her picture taken, but I did find a few in my online archive and hope to put together a photo book for my nephew to keep.

Kim and Aaron at the Fall Festival (instead of Halloween) 2002

Father’s Day 2001 Kim and Aaron


Kim reading to Aaron and Kyle at a bookstore – April 2001

Christmas 2001


Before a play that Kyle was in at Museum of Art – 2004


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