Captain Jean-Luc Picard or Skinner from the X-Files?

We went out to Dinner at Red Robin and noticed one of the fellas that assisted the hostesses (and guessing he manager by the way he carried himself) looked familiar and Marv said he looked like Jean Luc Picard, the Commander of “Starship Enterprise – Next Generation”.   I could see a little of that from the profile, but when he was in the dining room and more at a distance, I thought he looked like Director Skinner from “The X-Files”.

Patrick Stewart as Jean Luc Picard                                         Mitch Pileggi as FBI Director Walter Skinner

We texted Kyle as a tie breaker and he texted back “Not Skinner” so Marv won that round.

Either way, he has the look of a television show leader in a Sci-Fi movie, except he seems a lot happier than a leader on the show would be, although being a manager at a restaurant is just as, if not more so, grueling than saving the Earth or Universe from aliens and mysterious phenomena.  I personally would rather deal with a plethora of Tribbles than having to deal with some of the table cleanups I dealt with when I was a waitress.

Earlier Star Trek with Captain Kirk – aren’t the Tribbles cute?

Photo: Source


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