3 Rivers Luxury Apartments

This apartment complex has been at the corner of Superior and North Clinton/Spy Run as long as I can remember.

I have never actually been inside the apartments so don’t know what they are like on the inside but they used to have a reputation for being a bit swanky, small and expensive.

My only interaction was I made the mistake one time after a concert at 3 Rivers Festival after parking in Don Hall’s Gas House parking lot that is caddy corner from it, thinking there was a street you could get around and out to try to avoid traffic only to find it only lead through the garage and took forever to get out again due to the heavy traffic.

It used to be if parked in Don Halls Parking Lot and paid $10, you could use the parking voucher towards $10 in food at their restaurant, which was a great deal – don’t know if they still do that but did see at least it looked like they had the lot to 3 Rivers Apartment blocked and someone there to let residents in and out but not yahoos like I was looking for a cut through to another street.


2 thoughts on “3 Rivers Luxury Apartments

    1. Thanks for the link. I had no idea they had a pool, but the indoors is much like I pictured it, especially the one with the fireplace. Another shocker though was the laundry room – looks very small and no separation between tables could be awkward if it was busy.


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