HIGI Station Adventure

The HIGI station, which is a machine that measures your free blood pressure, weight and body fat percentage for free.

In most stores, it is right by the pharmacy, as it is in the one, but this store also has it juxtapositioned near the frozen pizzas which beckon you while you are held captive while the machine is squeezing your arm to get your blood pressure.  Even worse, there is usually a junk food item directly in front of it, such as today there is an Oreo candy item although the Oreos were not as tempting as they used to be ever since reading they are made in Mexico (have never been there, just remember everyone saying not to drink the water if you go or you’ll get “Montezuma’s Revenge” in the form of upset stomach or worse) and genetically modified food.

As I was strapped in and eyeing the frozen pizza and thinking about oreo cookie candy while I heard the crash into my cart and what I thought might be a guy trying to get something out of tote bag on the top of the cart and he was halfway on it.  My second thought was I was hoping if not that hoping he wasn’t hoping I at the weight portion and checking to see if I was sufficient plump enough for his woman suit like in “Silence Of The Lambs” and thankful I didn’t have any lotion in my cart (I guess I watch too many movies, huh?).   I was trying to wrench my arm out without with the blood pressure cuff still in a tourniquet like a grip when I looked into a pair of very bloodshot eyes and realize it was just a drunk guy in this early 4o’s that must have tripped over his own feet.   He apologized and pulled himself off of my cart and staggered off towards the front of the store.

Needless to say, my blood pressure reading was higher than normal.  I didn’t think about it until I was done at this station that this fella might have driven there, and hopefully, he had not, as he was in no condition to be driving.   I abandoned my thoughts of pizza and the Oreo candy cookie and went up front be he was long gone.


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