Empty Former Verizon Building on Coliseum Blvd.

I ordered a pizza from Dominos and as I drive past this building all of the time decided to stop as snap a few pictures.  It was formerly a building that Verizon used originally built for IBM.   It makes me sad to see so many new buildings going up in town, most being crammed into downtown where parking and narrow streets not designed for high traffic and no space to widen them is and issue when there are so many empty, useable spaces available.

I did find a listing that indicates:

Property Description

Originally built as a single-tenant facility for IBM Corporation, this building functions equally as well as a multi-tenant facility due to its flexible 13,671 rentable square feet per floors 2-5 and 15,841 rentable square feet on the first floor. There is a generous 3.3 per 1,000 SF parking ratio. Minutes from major shopping, banking and retail locations. Visibility from Rupp Drive, Trier Road and Coliseum Boulevard.

Area Description

The property is located adjacent to Triangle Park on Fort Wayne’s northeast side offering convenient access to Coliseum Boulevard (US 930) and Interstate 69. Average daily traffic”

The listing also indicates that it was built in 1969, which is why it has that boxy retro look that is now coming back into style.


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