After work I was going to go to Clothes Mentor, a consignment shop, to look for clothes to try to upgrade my wardrobe from the mostly t-shirts with a scarf, stretch pants and maxi-skirts with the black athletic socks Kyle left behind (they work surprisingly well if you have problems with feet swelling without looking like granny stockings), but got sidetracked with I saw there were kittens in the window at the pet shop a few door down and decided to check them out instead.

The buttercream and white long hair kitten is named Moose and he is two-month-old neutered male kitten and he was the most interactive of the bunch.  The little calico next to him is a 2-month-old female and at first she was more interested in sleeping until a little boy (pic below) came in then she started crying so guessing she came from and became attached to a family that had a boy and really wants to go home with another family that has a little boy.

There was also a gray and white long-haired cat that was pretty, but he also was a two-month-old kitten, but he had the attitude that he did not want to be troubled by any of us humans, even after the little boy actively tried to engage him the most he did was get up and just look at him.  He struck me as the kind of cat that will not want you to pet or hold him or come with you call him, but will lay on your head or bite your fingers when you are sleeping because he is bored and now wants to play.   When you get a cat, you really need to let them pick you out because you never really own them; they own you.

Moose seemed like a possibility and I was actually jumbling around numbers in my head to see about affording a pet deposit when the boy’s Mom pointed out that Moose liked to play in the litter box quite a bit.  That was strike one.  I then got to thinking about with him being a long-haired cat and we are probably all going to be allergic to him.  Strike two. Then there is finding a place to keep the litter box and with the kitchen and the bathroom being on the only areas that don’t have carpet, it would have to be on of those, not to mention all of the breakable items I have on top of my desk, television and sink and shelves in the bathroom.  So for now, that was Strike Three, and at least for today on the impulse kitten purchase.


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