Remodeled McDonald’s

A year or so we had gone to the McDonald’s on State and Coliseum Blvd. and I had wanted to check it out to see if they still had a Playland.  We were pleasantly surprised by the new decor and Marv even commented: “Is this really still a McDonald’s?”

My phone was dead so Marv snapped the pics, but to the right is what looks like big chalkboards with hand printed ingredients with “BIG MAC” in a professional typeface over the top and modern, but minimalistic benches, tables, and chairs.

To the left is where we sat and there were two small round table each with comfy looking almost 60’s retro looking brown padded chairs.  By the front door is a small desk that with a chair that looks like it might be used for filling out applications and in front of it is a place for crayon for kids,

In the main dining area were two tables, one that is lower with a backless bench chair that is more at a kid’s  level or smaller adult and to the right of that are padded bar type stool with a higher table for adults.

Beyond that is the updated Playland, which I glanced in at but as it was full of families with kids did not venture into as I had no children with me, but looks like it would be fun if I did.

We decided this is a new place that is half-way between where we live that we can add to our usually once a week fast-food night (formerly known as Whopper Wednesdays at Burger King) to our rotation, despite the nasty grown a$$ woman was old enough to know better that committed a health code violation for coming in without her shoes on.

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