Father’s Day 2017

For Father’s Day we had originally planned on eating at my place then going on to see the new “Mummy” movie with Tom Cruise but when Marv and Kyle arrived they said they were both broke and just wanted to watch something streaming instead, so we ended up with more episodes of “Sons of Anarchy” once again, except since it was Father’s Day Kyle pretended to try to not be annoyed when his Dad asked questions as his Dad had not seen the first two seasons.

For lunch, I had made homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and macaroni and cheese, because you can never have enough pasta, and some Mushroom Pork Burgers I  had picked up Meijers but had never tried before that to me were just the nastiest ever.   I thought a burger is a burger and having pork in it had to be an improvement, right?  Wrong.  It didn’t seem quite hamburger or pork.  It tasted like what I would imagine “The Blob” from the “The Blob” movies might taste like after it ingested all those humans which kicked in my gag reflex and I was done eating.  Marv liked them ok and I ended up sending the other box of Cheddar Bacon ones (guess I know now why they were a buy one – get one box free).

Kyle, of course, had his phone glued to his left hand and furiously texted with his right most of the time until he said he had to go because one of his buddies had broken down on a highway on his bike.  I had asked if he really had to as it was Father’s Day and really wish he would spend it with his Dad; he said his friend was trying to find someone else but texted him back he couldn’t find anyone.

After that Marv and I decided to go get a donut at Dunkin Donuts and check out Swinney Park.   Although occasionally used to take Kyle to the pool there and we went to a 3-mile walk-a-thon that started at the entrance when Kyle was younger, we never had actually checked out the park as we usually would go to Franke Park or Lakeside Park.

One of the features that I guess that the park has had since the 1930’s, which I didn’t know until I had watched a vintage short film about the city’s parks, is that it has a Japanese style Pagoda Pavilion and used to be more of a Japanese style garden setting.    As someone was having a party and didn’t want to interfere, this is the best pic I could get of that (below).

Beyond that, the park has a playground, a picnic area with a grill, a basketball court, a baseball diamond and lots of big trees.   I am thinking maybe we need to do a picnic at this park sometime.

Location:  Swinney Park, off of West Jefferson St., Fort Wayne, IN


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