He Likes His Hair “Whooshy”

Met Marv for dinner at the Southtown Burger King as we like the large, comfy 70’s looking oversized chairs that they have next to TV in the dining room that always has the news on and bad music blaring, plus it is fairly inexpensive if you stick to one of the lower priced combo meals or have coupons.

We usually don’t go on a weekend and the table was a mess, but one of the workers was quick to wipe down the table once we asked for cloth.

Somehow we got on the subject of Marv’s hair and he said he liked it “Whooshy” which is not adjective I had ever heard him use to describe himself.  I actually had to ask him to repeat what he said.  He has described it as the “blown” look before; in that case, whooshy is much better.

I think the term he was looking for was “wind blown”, as he likes to feel the breeze in his hair and the must like the thrill of the impending cracking of his skull like Humpty Dumpty on the on the pavement for not wearing a helmet which I always emphasize he should wear, but I am not his Mama and he is a grown a$$ man and we left it as “whooshy” tonight and enjoyed our Value Combo meals and bad things happening in the world on the news in peace.




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